Join host Robin Wright as she introduces the Pour Les Femmes audience to important change-makers who are making a positive impact in the world of global social responsibility. Pour Les Femmes is a female-founded sleep and loungewear company with a founding mission of helping improve the lives of women around the world. Our brand ethos of safety and comfort extends to the actions we take to work with partners that provide opportunities for decent work, safety, stability, and advancement to women in places where they are most vulnerable.

Why is promoting women's economic empowerment so important?

In this episode of Pillow Talk, Robin Wright talks with Jeannette Liendo, head of marketing at Mastercard Europe, about their shared commitment to empowering financial inclusion for women. They discuss the importance of providing women in locations where they're most vulnerable women with access to dignified work that allows them to achieve economic independence.

How do you forge a path for yourself to make a positive impact on the world?

In this episode of Pillow Talk, Robin Wright talks with Whitney Williams, the co-founder of Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), to get her advice about forging her own path to make a positive impact on the world. A sixth-generation Montana native, former Clinton administration staffer, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a candidate for governor in Montana, Whitney Williams talks with Robin about her journey to create a lasting legacy and positive impact for women who are some of the most critically vulnerable places in the world.

What does it mean to place yourself on the path to success?

In this episode of Pillow Talk, Robin Wright talks with actress, producer, writer, philanthropist, and icon Jamie Lee Curtis about being a woman in the entertainment industry and how Jamie Lee has been able to place herself on the path of success over her decades-long career. Among her many accomplishments, Jamie talks about one she’s most proud of, her charity, My Hand in Yours, and how she came to start it. Jamie Lee talks about the importance of sobriety for herself and how that sobriety has allowed her to stay free and out of her own head so she can see and accept new opportunities as they come her way. Jamie reflects on the success and joy her Halloween franchise has brought to others (even as she acknowledges that she’s not a fan of horror movies!) and how her flexibility and adaptability over the years lead to her recent string of commercial and critical successes including Knives Out and Everything Everywhere All at Once which in turn have opened even more doors for her creatively. Ever an ideas person, Jamie Lee talks about how she came up with the idea to start her charity, My Hand in Yours, as a way to give back and raise money for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles which she’s long supported.

What keeps Chelsea Handler up at night?

In this episode of Pillow Talk by Pour Les Femmes, Robin Wright talks with Chelsea Handler about Black Lives Matter, white privilege, Frederick Douglass, and what keeps Chelsea up at night. Also--lots of pillows! As irreverent and self-deprecating as ever, Chelsea uses her gift of humor to help us make sense of the times we're living through as she talks about her own life and career, her process of self-examination and reflection, and how she's been educating herself to help lift up others.

What can we expect from COP?

Robin talks to Gail Gallie from Project Everyone about The Global Goals and the importance of bringing world leaders together to discuss plans to stop climate change.

Welcome to the world of Pour Les Femmes

Robin Wright and Karen Fowler welcome you to the world of Pour Les Femmes. Pour Les Femmes is a social enterprise sleepwear company owned by actress Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler. The two friends started the brand with the intention of creating what they thought to be the perfect lightweight pajama and to bring back the sacred time around sleep. They then married this vision with the mission to provide comfort and security to women in conflict regions around the world.

How did Steve Jobs and Apple help reduce violence in the Congo?

In this episode of Pillow Talk, Robin Wright talks with activist John Prendergast about the success of their efforts in 2011 to reach out to Steve Jobs at Apple about how Apple's business practices were impacting and perpetuating violence and poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Robin Wright joined John in helping with Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign which was focused on building a constituency of activists to advocate for an end to the conflict in eastern Congo. By using the full force of its activist base in order to amplify its efforts, The Enough Project was able to raise awareness among consumers and manufacturers of electronics devices that the profit from the raw minerals used in phones was funding warlords and perpetuating sexual violence as a weapon of war against Congolese women and girls. Steve Jobs and Apple heard this message and radically transformed the way Apple did business, thereby leading the way for the electronics industry by introducing a third-party audit system and code of conduct for its mineral sourcing partners. Apple’s commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that as consumers we know that the devices that we all rely on every day are manufactured with the deepest respect for basic human rights.

Why should we care about problems in other countries?

Here at Pour Les Femmes, we’re often asked, “with so many problems here at home, why is it important to help people in other countries?” In this episode of Pillow Talk, Robin Wright talks with activist John Prendergast about the war in Eastern Congo that began in the late 1990s. Often called Africa’s First World War, the resulting devastation of the lives of the people in the region made such an impression on Robin that she joined with John in his efforts to amplify the voices of the women on their plight in one of the poorest countries in the world. Through his efforts with The Enough Project and The Sentry, John Prendergast has been at the center of efforts to shine a light on and disrupt the economic drivers of war in mineral-rich African countries. In particular, he's been outspoken about the need for the global consumer electronics industry to develop and maintain a clean supply chain, especially where so-called "conflict minerals" are concerned, in order to create conditions for peace, human rights, and good governance in nations that have long struggled to provide even a basic standard of living for its citizens. In a world that’s more interlinked than ever, it’s important that we make choices that support sustainability and encourage dignity, peace, and prosperity for everyone on the planet.

What are the hidden costs of fashion?

In this Pillow Talk by Pour Les Femmes episode, join Robin Wright and Amber Valletta, model, actor, and environmentalist, as they discuss the hidden costs of fashion and how to shop for clothing responsibly. We'll learn more about the slow fashion movement that Amber has been championing and the processes and resources required to make clothing that's ethically produced and sold. We're all doing our best to be mindful of how our actions impact the planet and once you understand the hidden costs of fashion, you may never look at an inexpensive garment the same way again.

What's the future of plastic waste?

Can you imagine the day when your plastic bag starts to disappear and simply returns to nature after its useful life is over? That future is now. In this episode of Pillow Talk by Pour Les Femmes, Robin Wright talks to Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria, about the technology for self-destructing plastics that his company has developed and the pledges of global consumer brands to use this new technology in their packaging. Pour Les Femmes is proud to partner with Polymateria and announce that our next collection will be delivered to consumers and to our retail stockists in Polymateria's biodegradable protective packaging. We're so proud to be the first apparel brand in the world to introduce this new biodegradable plastic packaging into our supply chain.

Why is it important to help others?

When we make helping others a primary goal of our personal and professional lives, something amazing can happen. Whether you're trying to break into Hollywood or pursuing career aspirations of your own, creating authentic relationships and helping others can be the key to your own success. As everyone increasingly turns to online video for communication and storytelling of all kinds, Alfonso has never been busier as a film editor. He now finds himself in the middle of a network of friends, colleagues, and opportunities for career growth that are the direct result of nurturing relationships and helping others all along his path.

How does the way we buy clothing impact the planet?

Robin Wright and Gail Gallie of Project Everyone discuss The Global Goals and how the values of conscious consumers are reshaping the ways that fashion brands manage the heavy impact they have on the planet.