With comfort and security at the heart of Pour Les Femmes’ ethos, our socially conscious sleepwear label prides itself on supporting charitable organizations that directly help women in conflict regions around the world.

Action Kivu

“Wherever I go, I am not afraid. I can work. I am empowered. I feel like when I am successful, I can lift up the entire Congo in my hands.”
– Justine, 22, Sewing Workshop Class of 2018

In a country where women have been deliberately silenced, have little to no land rights, and it is reported that 2.5 million girls are out of school, Action Kivu, a U.S. non-profit established in 2010, invests in the women, children and communities of Congo creating paths toward peace and prosperity through vocational training and education. With the help of founder Amani Matabaro and his local Congolese non-profit ABFEC, Action Kivu provides these women with a trade. Initially, Amani was able to graduate seven girls and women, survivors of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Congo, from his Sewing Workshop with sewing machines and the tools to start their own businesses. Since then, almost 250 women have graduated.  Because of Action Kivu’s supporters, Amani has been able to expand his vocational training programs to include soap making, bread baking, basket weaving, organic farming, animal husbandry, and the Literacy Program which, combined, have served over 300 women and girls previously denied a formal education.

After sending 50 students to various local schools for two years, in partnership with the Dillon Henry Foundation and with help from generous supporters like yourself, Pour Les Femmes and Action Kivu finished construction of the Congo Peace School in 2018 which will open its doors in September to 160 students in four grades (two primary, two secondary). The school not only provides impoverished and vulnerable youth with a quality education and two meals a day, but the children are also trained in the principles of nonviolence based on the teaching of Martin Luther King Jr. By providing the these kids with a vigorous curriculum and training in Kingian nonviolence, human rights, and social justice, the Congo Peace School seeks to create a generation of well-rounded young adults that will help shape Congo’s future.


1 Item = 1 Day of Work

Pour les Femmes has partnered with GIVE WORK which has been developed in North Kivu to support projects empowering it’s women, while creating high quality, handmade pieces that give work, generate stability and brings greater attention to the region.

GIVE WORK is helping women, mainly but not exclusively, learn how to sew—a trade that earns them personal income, providing a means to send their children to school and save money for their future.   

At the core of GIVE WORK lie values that are close to Pour Les Femmes’ heart: empowerment, quality, and sustainability; keys to developing safe and stable communities. 

GIVE WORK is represented by three different projects: the embroiderers of AGAPE,  based in Goma, the seamstresses, made up of the widows of the Virunga Park soldiers, based in Rumangabo (60 km North of Goma), and the tailors of KUMITH, based in Nyiragongo (outskirts of Goma). The program has allowed them to set up and continue to support the workshops that create our special  “Made in Congo” capsule collection that feature the beautiful handwork and intricate detailing that each of these women create. The workshop helps to empower these women to not only learn a new trade but also, with that trade, live their lives independently. 

Needles and thread instead of guns and bullets.

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