Hello dear PLF-Congo Peace School family! Please find below an update from August at the Congo Peace School. This is exclusive for you as a partner, and for those who are giving at a monthly commitment via Action Kivu's CPS Patreon page, to be used to entice others to give in order to gain access to these monthly video updates. I'm posting one photo on social media to do just that, and will tag you. Thank you seems too small a sentiment to express our gratitude for your generosity in partnering with Action Kivu in the Congo Peace School. I just returned from a reporting visit to Congo, and I am so excited to share the video from Amani here, and also an update on Anouarite, the 10 year old girl whose story we shared from my visit in July. A few months ago, Anouarite was enrolled in Action Kivu's adult Literacy Program, the only way she knew to get the education she so deeply desired. When our attention was drawn to such a young girl among women, we asked why she was in an adult education class. Unable to make eye contact, still she boldly stood up and asked Amani if she could attend the Congo Peace School, the sounds of its construction heard faintly outside the Literacy classroom. The week before school started, we shared a video of Anouarite in the peace and nonviolence training class. Still unwilling to make eye contact with the camera, she asked Amani, "Is this medicine?" curious about what she was experiencing in the practices of self-care and empathy with others. Three weeks later, as I took photos during the school lunch, I scanned the group of students, looking for Anouarite. Three weeks filled with meeting new classmates her own age, eating two meals a day, and learning from teachers who have been trained to respect students and to teach and discipline without violence, and when we called out her name, she jumped up off the cafeteria bench, and posed for the camera, and later, when I visited her classroom, she was the first to jump out from behind her desk into the aisle.