Matches Fashion - International Women's Day

Long before feminism became fashionable, Robin Wright committed herself to giving a voice to women who didn’t have one. Having spent over a decade visiting Congolese women who had endured horrific crimes through long-standing simmering conflict, she decided to do something about what she saw. Realising that she couldn’t do much to end the political issues causing the conflict, she chose to focus on what happens post-crisis – on the women who have been subjected to exceptional torment in one of the most terrifying countries in the world to be female.

Along with her friend and designer Karen Fowler, Wright launched Pour Les Femmes in 2014 – a pyjama brand that offers training, jobs and opportunities for women living in war-torn regions across the globe. Never has buying a new set of cotton pyjamas packed as much punch – or meant as much to the people whose job it is to create its vintage-inspired, featherlight pieces.

Here, Wright and Fowler talk to The Style Report about the evolution of their brand, the entrepreneurial resilience of women who have survived the darkest experiences imaginable, and why we need to stop misusing the word empowerment.


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